Family owned and operated for over 50 years

Since 1970, Termite and Pest Control has been pumping in the Rudd family blood. The founder and late Bill Rudd started Rudd’s Exterminating Company as a part time business. While helping his father for many years as a teenager and young adult on the weekends, Bill’s son Kevin joined him and established Safe-Way Exterminating Services.
Kevin turned the family part time Termite & Pest Control business into a prominent, established company recognized by the Pest Control industry. Prompt, courteous service with competitive pricing is how Kevin Rudd believes in treating his customers. He is committed to building a long term trusting relationship that enables Safe-Way Exterminating to continue growth, while expanding consumer confidence servicing their decades of loyal customers generation after generation.
Kevin’s wife Susan is the Office Administrator, having years of experience with pest management proficiency. Susan handles all role related aspects while maintaining the highest quality customer service which they are known for.
Their twin son’s make up 3rd generation Safe-Way Exterminators. Kevin Jr and Bryan are fully licensed, well trained, and extremely knowledgeable in all phases of pest management. They both hold advanced degrees making them immensely well rounded and able to tackle all customer issues that may arise.